I have an Access form that runs a search on a query and returns the results to a listbox on the same form. I have two question regarding the search functionality.

1. Is it possible to search for the exact value for instance I have a Movie rating column and if I put in G and search I get the results for G, PG and PG-13 when all I wanted were G movies..

2. Is it also possible to search starting with the first letter. For example if I put an S in the Movie title line it will only return Movies starting with the letter S and not every single Movie with an S in it.

Thanks in advance for any help it is greatly appriciated. :cheesy:

You probably "search" you database using LIKE '%value%' The above means whatever may come before, value, whatever may come after.

To select only rows where a specific column equal 'G', you need to use LIKE 'G' To select only rows where a specific column equal 'S' and then whatever, you could go LIKE 'S%' Of course is these different type searches is to be carried out form the same input search field, you need some sort of evaluation.