hello friends i want make i tracking system database thing like to tracking shipment:
i have already make package table alter with sender table and receiver table, but the shipping tracking i'm not fiding the logic of it i was thinking i add a colum called action avery time i will update but the action will not be saved this is the probeml :(

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what are the requirements? Is this for a carrier or for a shop?

For example: in the second case you will need few tables in which you can record the tracking id, the carrier details and each step of the shipment process, most of this information can be retrieved by the carriers APIs, when available. It happens sometimes that a carrier delivers through another one, for example UPS does not deliver everywhere and sometimes uses local carriers, so the same shipment can assume multiple tracking ids: recording an event like this implies a different approach if the application is for a carrier or for a shop, where a shop may not need all the details.

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