Hi Guys
I am trying to select and display on the RadGrid. i am using sqlDataSource. i have 2 Tables (Users and DealerShip). User table i have attributes (UserID(pk),UserName,Email,Phoneand DealerShipID(fk)) on DealerShip table i have attributes (DealerShipID(pk),DealerShipName) and now here is what i want to do. on my grid i will have a drill down like a treeView, the DealerName will be like a masterview where you drill down you can find all the users that belong to that specific DealerShip, for example i will have three Dealers (a,b,c) which have different users under each, Business Rule (one user can only belong to i Dealership and one Dealership can have many users.) please can one assist on how to right a SELECT statement which will display all the users per Dealership?


Something like this:

FROM DealerShip d 
    LEFT JOIN Users u 
    ON u.DealerShipID = d.DealerShipID
    WHERE d.DealerShipName IN('a', 'b', 'c');

Hi AndrisP,

see attached after using the same method you send, it is still giving me the same User for all the DealerShip whereas the is deferent users for each Dealer.


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