Hello to all! I am facing problems in feartures of sql sever 2008. I installed it but i could not find management studio in it. then i installed managemenet studio2008 separately. but when i opened management studio then there was no interface for making database but only interface was for making tables. please tell me what should i do?

There is an interface for creating databases.

If using the Express version:
* Click "View" (in menu)
* Select "Object Explorer"
* Click the "+" sign next to your database instance (or double-click your database instance name)
* Click the "+" sign next to "Databases" to expand Databases (or double-click "Databases")
* Right-click "Databases" and select "New Database" to create a new database.

Note: You can use a version of SQL Management studio >= to the version of SQL Server/SQL Server Express that you are using (ie: you can use version SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio 2012). The steps should be similar for the regular version of SQL Server Management studio.

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