I read about database normalization and I knew that there are 8 normal forms to follow. I understand the 3 first normal forms, however, I did not understand the other 5 normal forms and they are:

1- BCNF - Boyce-Codd Normal Form
2- 4NF
3- 5NF
4- ONF - Optimal Normal Form
5- DKNF - Domain Key Normal Form

Can anyone please explain to me those normal forms with a simple example.

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Thanks for the reply but the link switches me to topics about de-normalization and I was asking about normalization not de-normalization :), however, the link for sure will have some useful topics and it may be of interest when switching from normalization to de-normalization. The problem for the 5 normal forms I mentioned above is that many people do not know about as they focus of the first 3 normal forms.

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Sounds like you have an opportunity to write articles and papers now. Not all is written in free text. Sometimes I have to buy a book.

Well Wikipedia has a good example on these. Did you not see it? Even I understood it. Not that I'd ever think of implementing most of them intentionally.


Tons of posts, blog, articles, wiki are there on internet go find them. Sitepoint, w3school, stackoverflow are few sites you go for!

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