I read about database normalization and I knew that there are 8 normal forms to follow. I understand the 3 first normal forms, however, I did not understand the other 5 normal forms and they are:

1- BCNF - Boyce-Codd Normal Form
2- 4NF
3- 5NF
4- ONF - Optimal Normal Form
5- DKNF - Domain Key Normal Form

Can anyone please explain to me those normal forms with a simple example.

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Thanks for the reply but the link switches me to topics about de-normalization and I was asking about normalization not de-normalization :), however, the link for sure will have some useful topics and it may be of interest when switching from normalization to de-normalization. The problem for the 5 normal forms I mentioned above is that many people do not know about as they focus of the first 3 normal forms.

commented: Sounds like you have an opportunity to write articles and papers now. Not all is written in free text. Sometimes I have to buy a book. +6
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Well Wikipedia has a good example on these. Did you not see it? Even I understood it. Not that I'd ever think of implementing most of them intentionally.

bcnf is very uncommon, i wouldnt worry about that too much

Tons of posts, blog, articles, wiki are there on internet go find them. Sitepoint, w3school, stackoverflow are few sites you go for!

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