I'm working on shopping mobile application. The application is similar to ebay it have customer and seller. When user create account they can either create account as seller or customer. The payment will be by paypal each user need to provide their paypal account
(Seller Paypal & customer PayPal) so the money can be trasfared from the customer to the seller. While I was creating my database I got abit confused at the payment part and how to create database for it. Should I create two diffrenet payment tables one for customer and one for seller?

I'm not an expert in the requirements of recording financial transactions but I wonder why two tables would be needed, they'd each mostly be a duplication of the other.
One table listing buyer, seller, date, auction, sale amount and whatever other details are needed would seem adequate.

becouse I will have two tables one for seller and one for customer with diffrenet data

Then you just answered your question didn't you?