Hi guys! Pls help me make a water billing using c#.. I dont know how to start.. :(

Re: Water Billing 80 80

Sorry. We won't do your homework for you. You have to show some effort first. When you have specific questions then you can post them.

Re: Water Billing 80 80

First, describe the problem, how you would solve it in plain language, and the step-by-step process that you would follow to implement the solution - this is sometimes called pseudo code. That will help you develop the logic needed for the program, which we can help you with. Then you need to translate that into C# (or other language of preference), and see if that works, which we can also help you with. In your pseudo code, cover the program in as much detail as possible, such as "Display dialog to user to get input on budget constraints and anticipated water usage."

Re: Water Billing 80 80

Hey dude,

Please do some effort.. You need to learn on your own. :)

follow @rubberman advise..

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