I receive an error message and I don't know what to do about it.
IO have a delphi app using a MS Access 2010 database. I connect to it through BDE. It worked perfectly until today when the users told me that they can't enter my application due an error message:
When I tried to open the database for repair in Access it didn't recognize my password. And The message was:
"You or another user may have unexpectedly quit MSACCESS while a MS Access database was open.
Do you want MS Access to attempt to repair the database?"
And then again" Not a valid password" and then "The database xxx.mdb' can't be repaired or isn't a MS Access database file"

It's a sadly common problem. Remember I take this post as sincere and not a shill posting about Access repair tools which anyone can google about.

-> As an author not only would you write the app but educate the users about backups and more. On your part you can consider buidling backup into your app. For example you might design this to copy the database at start if it opens successfully or on exit. We all know Access databases creates business for recovery companies and sadly those repair.com sites.

In short, they need to pull their last good backup copy and move forward.

Look for TriSun Software, they have a MS Access Password Cracker application, does a fair job at displaying MS Access Passwords. Sells for 19.99

NEVER use MS Access for a production database. SQL Server is good, as are most other high-end DBMS servers such as Oracle, Informix, Postgres, MySQL, etc. Access databases are good for pre-production testing of your other code, but when you are ready, use a real database.

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I'm hoping you are keeping good and timely backups. You can try the Microsoft JetComp tool.
If this doesn't get it done,...
Try importing all the objects from your MDB into a NEW MDB,... if not...
I would do some investigation of the BDE to see if it is leaving suspect logons in place after its use of the mdb is concluded.

Thank you guys for your feedback and help. Thank you!

check to make sure proper versions of the access db and the programs that talk to it are being used, and check for security leaks where someone might be trying to open the DB. I've seen plenty of times where an older DB get's converted to newer versions rewriting the db, or by a 'curious' user trying to see the data within. Other than that..... backup backup backup.... good luck!

Re. Rubberman's comment. I have been using an Access 2010 database for a little over 4 years, and have never had a data corruption problem. I did have corruption problems with prior versions of Access. My database is not huge, the largest table containts about 10,000 rows/records with 18 columns and additional rows added frequesntly, and it is for my personal use only. Maybe I've just been lucky, so I do keep frequent and regular backups in case. Just FWIW.