I use gsitecrawler to create sitemap for my websites.

Are there any tool to create a sitemap better than gsitecrawler?

I learned from this forum that if we have a sitemap on each site, it is good for SEO.

My other question is, gsitecrawler creates a sitemap and I place sitemap.xml file on the root directory.

Do I need to place it on the homepage?

Since my dating site has many links, what is the best way to do that?


In my own experiences, submitting a well-structured sitemap to those top 4 search engines would be really helpful in increasing deep indexing purpose. You might need to create an account and submit your sitemap via webmaster center on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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site map is good for SEOs industry....

create a google webmaster tools account
verify ownershipe of your site in the account (Follow instructions)
submit sitemap IN webmaster account (follow instructions)

Gsitecrawler is best for create sitemap, most of the people create sitemap from gsitwcrawler.

Create a xml sitemap for google and i think for other search engines also this is useful.

There are many free tools are available for generate xml sitemap. After generate xml sitemap, you will place it on root directory and submit on search engine by webmaster tools. It is very helpful to site for crawl and index your pages.

Yes its good for SEO.

Well, actually there are many sites that can be used to create sitemaps for the websites. Every tool knows how to create XML sitemaps but what matters actually matters is how you do the over all off page optimization for your site because that is the thing that plays an important role in putting you on top or either at the bottom of the SERPs.

XML generator is the sitemap generator. Sitemap gives the structure of the website. It is used to crawl the website easily.

we create two types of site map html site map and xml site map . html site map is used to give the structure of site and xml site map is used to create for google .So that google boot eassly index your site .

2 kinds of sitemap
xml sitemap, bot readable, a good idea
html sitemap, site navigation is a failure. if you need a human readable sitemap redesign the menu

Gsitecrawler is the best to create site map for your website.

hmm gsitecrawler is the best to create the site map

Sitemaps are very important for any website to be placed in Google as they helped in better navigation and also provide the information to Search Engines about the changes that you have made in your website. Obviously It won't directly pull the Crawlers to see trhe changes made but they would definitely visit and index those changes you have made.
Other benefit of using the Sitemaps is that you don't have to put Externals links for letting crawlers to Index your website as Sitemaps would dothe trick for you.

Hope this would help..:)

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