I am useing Lazarus and a odbc connection to connect to a MS Access database

I connect fine and get all records displayed in a dbgrid .
My problem is to get the changes written back to the db.

When i try to write the data back to the db I get the error :

DBConnection: No update query specified and failed to generate one.

I do the changes in the dbgrid and do a SQLQuery1.ApplyUpdates;

Please help


Re: Lazarus and ODBC connection to MS Acces Db 80 80

I took a moment to google "DBConnection: No update query specified and failed to generate one." and found priors. In those prior discussions folk would provide code blocks for others to pick over and comment.

That said, I don't use that compiler and have actively avoided MS Access for over a decade for reasons. I don't want you to think your issue is being ignored.

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