I have done master master replication . I want to do multi master master replication. I research and found mostly master master replication in circular topology. But I want to do one supermaster who reads and update other masters. Is it possible? Is anybody did this?

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That was the point being made. Why start another thread, post another question which is the same as the one you posted before and had no bites? Far better to have added a comment to the original asking if anyone had any ideas, and maybe giving a bit more detail of what you are trying to do so as to give people reading a better chance of answering...


Right, But both threads are little different prevoius question about one master master syncing of different database . And Now I am asking about multiple master master replication of same database. I think to keep both in different thread.


Sorry that I was unclear. I had hope you would expand on your question or rather downsize the question to something smaller, more specific. As I read both questions they are too similar and not getting down to what stopped you.


I want to do multi master master replication.
Suppose I have three servers A,B and C. Mostly reasearch says must go with circular topology as A->B then B->C and C->A. I dont want to go like this.My need is A<->B and A<->C. Is it possible?


Yes, it is possible, and how to do it is outlined in MySQL's excellent documentation.

However, you almost certainly don't need multi-master. You just don't.

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That's what I thought too.

Hi Pty,
I gone through myqsl excellent documentation. Can you specific some links. Because in mysql it goes from link to link to link getting confused.Thanks to reply

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