hello everyone im taking database course this year and it's my first time to take it so i need help how to draw a ERD for following busniess case AND IF there many to many relation how i can establish a new relation !

Entity (Artist )
Attribute : death , DOB, the nationality.

Entity (museum )
Attribute: location , specialty .

Entity: (paintings)
Attribute: size of canvas, year of painted, tittle , style

Relation between Artist and paintings : Paint
Relation between paintings and museum : Display

 An art researcher has asked you to design a database to record details of artists and the museum in which their paintings are displayed. 
For each painting, the researcher wants to know the size of the canvas, year painted, title, and style.  
The nationality, date of birth and death of each artist must be recorded.  
For each museum, record details of its location and specialty, if it has one.

That's your work to do but here's why I can't do it for you (besides the problem you won't be doing your homework.)

During your class they taught how they want the ERD done. How I would do this could be incorrect. Go back over your course material to find out how this is done for this class.