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Hi helpful people. Its been a while since Ive been here, ever since I employed someone who knew about IT to look after it for me. I'm back on my own again, and looking for a bit of guidance please?

I run a small sales company and receive daily sales reports on Excel. I need to use this data for several tasks, currently I am using a pivot table to tell me what person has sold what product and I then manually type this into another Excel spreadsheet which has a tab for every week. I use this to tell me the total daily and weekly sales per person / team / overall, how many days were worked and the average. At the end of each week I get a report through (in a different Excel format with just 1 matching reference) which is then used to check the totals and record any sales wich have canceled. After 3 weeks, I then need to check the data against a self billing invoice and calculate comissions.

This is now taking up nearly all my time. There has to be an easier way to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was hoping there might be a way to take the count of sales from one report and populate the weekly reporting spreadsheet that I produced, but I dont see how that could work. I am also playing about to Access to see if there is a solution to be had there, but I'm struggling at the first step of uploading the data from the Outlook folder. I will resolve this, but am I looking in the right direction?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated before I head off in the wrong direction again.