Windows tablet
With very high compatibility with Microsoft Office suite. So if your needs are mostly work, consider Windows tablets.

Should I buy an Andriod tablet?
Advantages of Andriod:
With the iPad you don't have much choice but with Andriod it is different. Since most companies currently run the Android operating system most.

Is an open source and originally developed by Android company based on linux platform. However, it was later acquired by Google in 2005.

Android works on the principle of direct touch like the impact of life. With a highly customizable interface that allows you to tailor your personal preferences.

Some companies using the most famous Android operating system today can include: Samsung, Google, Amazon, Sony, Asus, Lenovo or Acer.

Disadvantages of Andriod:
Because it is open source, the Android operating system is easily infected with malicious code and virus. Application store is a lot but it is difficult to control the quality as iOS operating system.

Is the iPad tablet good?
In addition to Smartphone, Macbook, the tablet is considered a very successful business field of Apple but the most prominent is the iPad.

Is the iPad tablet good?
Is the iPad tablet good?
Advantages of iOS:
About the brand: referring to Apple, people will immediately remember the image of an apple being bitten off. It is this image that is ingrained in the minds of consumers. Many people also use the iPad as a brief name to refer to all types of tablets.

About design: most Apple products are highly appreciated in terms of design. With beautiful design, eye-catching. Owning an iPad gives users a level of luxury and superiority to their competitors.

Large app store: iOS is one of the most powerful application stores with nearly 1,000,000 apps on the App Store. In which iPad has about 450,000 applications. Thereby fully meet all use needs.

Very high control and security: using the iPad you don't have to worry about virus or malware attacks because of its high security.

Disadvantages of iOS:
Comes with beautiful design, many features are the price, most of the current iPad models have quite high selling prices. Also the ability to customize is not very high.

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So much is wrong with the points made here. It's almost like the OP ignored Windows issues with trojans and more. Also, iOS customizing limits is why it is liked by many. When you use someone else's Windows or Android device you see the fragmentation issue. With iOS not so much.

The OP didn't write at the end what they bought leaving the big question why they posted all this.

These are some really good and latest tabs
1: iPad Pro 11
2: New iPad
3: iPad Pro 12.9
4: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
5: iPad mini 4

commented: Worthless recommendations because they lack any details. -3
commented: Please back up you list with why these and why I would choose one over another. -3

Those recommendations are worthless without an explanation as to why you think each belongs on that list. Keep in mind that different people have different requirements and as such, what is a "good" tablet for one person might not be "good" for another.

I bought a refurb android tablet on eBay a few years back. It was inexpensive. It got me up to speed with android and the software available in the google store. A lot of the android malware comes from infected apps in the store or when people install apps from somwhere else. I still use my tablet to watch movies or surf youtube. They sell good refubished iOS tablets on amazon and eBay also. You can spend $50-$100 or so and get something that does a decent job. I had a Samsung Tablet for quite a while and I really liked it. It had stock android, and it would play .mp4 files and music with good quality. I could use it with the kindle store on amazon. It was more expensive though..

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