Hi there i need help on how I am supposed to do this ER Diagram based on this question. I need to have entities, attributes, relationships and primary/foreign keys.

here is the question

You are given the following business scenario.
SmartService is a newly setup car repair and servicing workshop which is located at Kuala
Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. The strategic location, customer oriented services and reasonable
price are the main reasons of the workshop gain popularity within a short period of time. There is
an average of 50 cars daily are being sent to the workshop for repair or/and servicing.
SmartService has a car servicing appointment system to manage their customers’ appointments.
SmartService requires their customers to make an appointment before they send in their car for
repair or/and servicing. This is to prevent customers waiting for a long period of time before
being served by the staff. In addition, the workshop is also able to send a text message or email
reminder to their customer on the car servicing appointment. The workshop also allows the
customers to cancel their servicing appointment for any reason(s).
The car servicing appointment system contains a mini database to assist the management of
customers’ appointment. The mini database complies with the following business rules:
i. A customer can make many appointments but each appointment made by one
ii. An appointment is tied to a car, but a car can be tied with many appointments.

Figure A

iii. An appointment involves different kinds of repairing and servicing works. Each work
can be applied to many appointments.

The current mini database is expected to be extended to support more business function. One of
the proposals made is to keep track of the staff information. The following is sample of a staff
information plan to be recorded.

SNo : 1
SName : Impress Accessories
SAddress : 23, Jalan Ampang,
Postcode : 50450
City : KL

SmartService is expected to have continuous growth as the management sense the importance
of using the computerized system to assist the workshop for their daily operation.

Please help. I truly appreciate it.

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