Hi guys. Hope you can help me with my problem here.. It's quite complicated so I'll try to explain it in a very detailed manner..

I have these two databases which we may call dbaseA and dbaseB. I created another dbase which we call dbaseC. dbaseC is going to be used as a database which holds records from dbaseA and dbaseB.

1. How will I merge records from dbaseA and dbaseB into dbaseC?
2. dbaseA and dbaseB have different schemas, meaning there are tables which are present in dbaseA but not in dbaseB and vice versa. We're following the schema of dbaseB for dbaseC. I need to get the records from dbaseA and dbaseB then put all of them in dbaseC.

I've tried replication, exports and imports but still, dbaseC still holds no records. It only followed a certain schema and nothing more..

Please help.. Thanks a lot =)

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I'm not too familiar with SQL Server's replication feature.

For your import/export however, what error messages did you get while trying to move data from dbaseB to dbaseC? If it's the same schema, I'm not too sure why you wouldn't be getting the data.

If there's referential integrity defined on the tables, you might have to do some tweaking first....

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