I have tables like these:

table1 (table1_id, table1_attribute1, table1_attribute2)
table2 (table2_id, table1_id*, table2_attribute1, table2_attribute2)

The primary key of the first table is table1_id. It is auto incrementing and it is also a foreign key for the other table - table2.

Let's say I want to add a new record in both tables.

To add a new record to table1 is simple. I don't have to give value to table1_id since it is auto incrementing.

The problem is with table2. Here I have to set a value for the foreign key table1_id. How can I get the auto incremented value of table1_id from table1 so I can use it in table2?

Do I make any sense?

Any help would be fantastic.

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Thank you very much peter_budo.

One more question. What if the database is used by a lot of people and it happen that 2 or more users whant to insert a record in the tables at the same time. Is it possible that something go wrong. For examle:

One user sends a query to get the max value of table1_id - select max(table1_id) from table1. Let's say the value is 10 000. Then this user sends a query to insert a record for this value of table1_id (10 000) in table2.
I suppose that the server require some time to process the query.
What if during that time another user send a query to get the max value of table1_id. Won't this user receive the same value of 10 000? This would cause the both users to try to add a record for the same value of table1_id in table2.
Do you think this is possible?


I never heard that something like that happens, as long you designed your database properly it will never ocure. The primary key is unique for only one user or item

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