hi! i have just designed a new database and i was wondering of any could just quickly check that is passes all the first 3 normal forms.
this is an image of it:


thanks! :)

A couple of suggestions

1. Ensure all tables have a PK
2. Merger EMPLOYEE with EMPLOYMENT DETAILS, they have the same pk and are 1 to 1. You could have separate tables if an employee held multiple positions over time
3. Link ACCOUNT to CUSTOMER, the customer has an account, the account has an account type

And some questions

1. Are accounts of 1 or more types?
2. Do branches have ID values?



1. yes. an account can have more than one account type.

2. no. they have branch name as their primary key.

1. In that case have a table called AccountType table as a lookup of the different types of account and a CustomerAccountType table to join from Account to AccountType

2. Then you have the correct detail there, however I would never allow this in a real world situation, names change but a PK should never change

Good luck with the rest of it



I would like to do something similar but with different names and references can you help me out cos I am new in the system (database)

it me ur co project builder temiromi

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