Is there a way to check Iframe is supported by a browser or not in the JSP using some script. Please let me know! Its urgent

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One way would be to try to create an IFRAME element using Javascript. If that fails, you can be sure that the browser doesn't support IFRAMES. But this requires your user to have javascript enabled.

var e = document.createElement("iframe");
    alert("Your browser doesn't support IFRAMES");

Another way to notify your users would be to place the message between the IFRAME tag. Something like:

<iframe id="iFrm" name="iFrm" src="Source.html">
Your browser doesn' support IFRAMES

But it is pretty much a moot point since all modern browsers support IFRAMES.

Ya i dint thought about the first option but thought about the second one before.What i wanted was if the user wont have the Iframe support he may be provided with a web link so that he can click on it.. But in the 2nd situation it seems not to be possible! Any help mate?

> What i wanted was if the user wont have the Iframe support he may be provided with a web
> link so that he can click on it

So keep the link as a part of the content of the iframe tag.

<iframe src="somesource.html" name="frm" id="frm">
  <a href="somesource.html">
    Click here since your browser doesn't support IFRAMES

bro excelent! Too cool.. just one more help! how do I test that ? Means all browser are capable of IFrame.. which browser should i use to test?

Try downloading IE2, iCab (a browser), Opera 3 or Netscape 4 since these browsers are known to not support IFrames. Try downloading one of these and testing your page on it. But seriously, this is a dumb test since I am sure everyone must have moved with the times and has stopped using browsers from the stone age.

If you still continue with the test, let me know which browser works for your test.

Bro.. its true that it will of no use.. but any way...I tested it like this.. send the html file to my nokia n80i as a message through bluetooth.. clicked on it and it opened in the default browser and as it doesnot supports iframe i was able to test it!
See the screen shot!

Glad you could get it to work. :-)

bro another way to test! Just now found.. Go to Login and scrap your friend with IFRAME.. it supports html but no iFRAME!

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