Hi Friends ,

Theres a database name 'Trial' .
Thro' Enterprise manager , I hv generated SQL Script for 'Trial' db.

And I need to copy that 'Trial' db files
( all datas & tables etc )
into another Database 'Trial -1 ' db.
which is in another remote Server in diff place.

So from Enterprise manager within 'Trial-1' db
I went for importing Sql Script .
theres no option for importing SQL Script file .

How do I import SQL Script into another db
via DTS wizard . Pl explain step by step.

HELP , Its urgent .


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Paste the code into Query analyzer, and run. This will create tables, etc. then use DTs to import data.

Good Luck.


I think he is saying he has an Access DB and needs to convert the tables to SQL?

Have you looked for the solution on Technet (MSDN) - Microsoft?

I am sorry, but I haven't got access to my SQL Server at work, so I can't give you step by step instructions, but Enterprise manager does have the ability to grab the table and data from Access....but you will loose the relationships between the data. So be warned on that.

I am sure there is a script or program out there that will do it for you. Search MSDN and Google, may get a faster reply!

Once again, sorry! :sad:

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