hi every1
i m using mysql as my back end and it runs on whole on intranet in my office.
the error i m getting is
Error: 1040 SQLSTATE: 08004 (ER_CON_COUNT_ERROR)
mESSAGE Too many connections
when users r trying to access the webpage.
how can i remove the error.
plz help me out.
thanks in advance

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In your code are you closing your database connections? If not, it could caus your database to have many open connections that are not being used.

Might not be the problem but this may hopefully help.

Try to store the connection string in a session and do all your queries with that stored session string.

When you close that session, connection string will be automatically destroyed.

same here i was encountered this problem set max connection = 3000 and close your connection every time you establish a connection visit www.caragadatacenter.com

even in vb.net 2005 mysql database connection ived use backgroundworker to connect constantly in my mysql server every second

Did you try to identify why there are so many connections are being created? Are you closing the connections properly after performing queries? What is the value of max_connections? Workaround has already been suggested above that to increase max_connections value in my.cnf/my.ini. MySQL manual has dedicated a page specifically for this error which you can find here.

run this sentence in your mysql:

Set Global max_connections=2000

i used phpmyadmin... so i was good!...

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