hi all.....
i need help and quickly plz about my final year graduation project in the faculty of computer science......i need to collect alot of suggestions and ideas about the project....... i hope it to be about mobile or/and web apps........plz reply me as quick as any one could.....thanks all

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could u make it easier to understand plz

could u make it easier to understand plz

I guess he means some kind of Notepad application with some features over and above what notepad provides.

Something that teaches kids to start early on their homework instead of waiting to the last minute and then expect instant answers to be handed to them by total strangers on internet forums might be a good idea.

Getting ready to graduate and doesn't even know what the final project is about. Good luck.

where the heck did my posts go? i had like 3 posts here and they're all gone!!!!!!!!

hey everyone might have faced the same problem at that moment.u are not exceptional

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