Hi to all,
I have a question and I hope to have an answer here.
the Question is,
is using MySQL DB in commercialweb site free of license or not?

I know it's an open source, and to the best of my knowledge the using of open source applications like MySQL are free of license.


I am facing the same thng as you faced. I need to use MySql for my commercial website. What license should I buy Mysql server in?

can you share what you went thru?..

Umm, it is free for public use, not commercial use. Commercial use it costs something like 400-500 dollars per license (which is cheap). Rather than MS SQL which charges per processor at almost 20,000. Commercial use is almost NEVER free. Now, you have to figure out whether or not your commercial website is considered commercial for the databases rather then not. You can have a commercial website, but if you are not using MySQL in a commercial matter, then it is free. So no sharing your MySQL server with others. It's for private use and not for resale. Bim Bam, Done.

Postgresql would be a cheaper option.

SheSaidImaPregy, you are incorrect. MySQL if free for all use. The only time you would have to pay for it is if you want their Enterprise version (which is mostly support and a few extra tools) or if you are going to bundle MySQL with something you are going to sell (like a physical CD/DVD).

I've set up MySQL for my company's online applications that we charge for and never paid a cent. All you have to do is download.

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