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can you please specify what exactly you want to do. do u want to write data to any file ???

I am working as a PL/SQL developer in a Hospital.When I join the hospital, they had one Server on which Windows 2000 Server was installed on C:/ drive.The Server had 6 drives and the oracle9i was installed on D:/ drive.The remaining 5 drives was spreaded with OracleData.
Now the Hospital has got a new Server on which Windows 2000 Server is installed on C:/ drive. We have installed the oracle9i on D:/ drive and we want our data to be spreaded onto the remaining drives as it was in the case of earlier Server.But the data goes only in the D:/ and not the remaining drives.

Now, I want to know how it was done earlier for the Old Server.
So I would be able to do the same in our New Server .


if oracle was installed on d drive how is it possible that data was in othere drives.

if oracle was intal;led in D drive means database was created there only .so all the data must be stored there not in other drives.

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