This is code for retrieve data from table Results. The output must display to user via SMS. Now the problem is I cannot call all the data from table RESULTS.

Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter("Select * From Results Where Metric_Number='" & content1 & "'", conn)

Dim dst As New DataTable
Dim rsRow As DataRow

'Dim MessageType As Long
Dim datax As String
Dim data1 As String
Dim data2 As String
Dim data3 As String
Dim data4 As String

If dst.Rows.Count <> 0 Then

Dim daa As New SqlDataAdapter("Select Sub_Code FROM Results Where Metric_Number='" & content1 & "'", conn)

Dim dsts As New DataTable
Dim rsws As DataRow

For Each rsws In dsts.Rows
data1 = (rsws.Item("Sub_Code") & vbCrLf.ToString)
data2 = (rsws.Item("Gred") & vbCrLf)
data3 = (rsws.Item("GPA") & vbCrLf)
data4 = (rsws.Item("CGPA") & vbCrLf)
datax = (data1 & data2 & data3 & data4)

msgNotification(ccrNumber, datax)

RESULT NOW: It only displaying one row of the data(1-4)
How to select all data and then pass it to msgnotification
Urgent help need!!