hey everyone, i have a problem with normalising my set of data...i am sure it would be easy for alot of you, its jus right now i have a mental block

anyhow its for a yearbook publishing company. the data set is as follows:
schoolCode, schoolName, address, city, state, postalcode, country, telephoneNo, faxno, website, SRID, SRFName, SRLName, SRemail, SRMobile, orderNo, orderDate, deliveryDate, bookAmt, pageAmt, coverType, booktheme, picFormat, articleAmt, photoAmt, eventAmt, priority, orderstatus, taskid, taskname, startdate, duedate, taskstatus. %completed, empNo, empfName, emplname, jobtitle, empmobile, empemail

ok itslike this...
School has many school reps (SR)
School usually orders one yearbook but i cant have a one to one relationship..so school to order is one to many
An employee is assigned to more than one order
A order generates a schedule than has many tasks so order to task is one to many.
i think thats about it

any help???? pleassseee.....i cant seem to move from UNF to 1NF
this is what i had for 1NF
Order (orderno, schoolcode, address, city, state, postalcode, country, telephoneNo, faxno, website, empno, empname, orderdate, deliverydate, bookamt, pageamt, covertype, booktheme, picformat, articleamt, photoamt. eventamt)
Order Schedule (orderno, taskid, taskname, startdate, duedate, taskstatus, %completed)
School Reps (schoolcode, SRID, SRFname, SRLname, SRemail, SRMobile, SRemail)

i guess everybody nobody seems to be clueless or jus dont wanna help..thanks anyway

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did you create your tables?