I need to transfer email addresses and email from one computer to another. What is the easiest way to do it? It has windows 95 or 98 on the one with outlook 97 and I want to transfer it to a new computer with outlook 2003 running xp pro. Can it be done with a floppy?

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What email addresss' are we talking about? Your contacts, or your own email accounts?

Assuming your on about your contacts, I am pretty sure you just click on File>Impor/export> choose to export a file> choose what you want to export (choices are inbox, outbox, contacts, calendar)> choose comma seperated values (windows) and choose where to save the file and file name.
then do the same for all the things you want to save, eg once for contacts, once for email, once for cal...

Then in Outlook'03 go to File> Import/Export a file> import> I dont think you say what type of file you want to export, I think you just choose the file you want to export and Outlook know where to put it. Then do the same for the other files you want to import.

That is pretty much from memory, I haven't had to do that for ages, and mainly use linux machines now, so might have missed/messed a few steps.

Another simpler way (if you have your Win XP CD)

Stick the Win XP CD in your win9x machine and choose the files and settings transfer wizzard, the wizzard may ask you if this is the old computer, tell the wizzard this is the old computer, the wizzard scans your machine for what it thinks you will want to keep, a lot of it will be rubbish, and you can remove or add things at a later step, JUST MAKE SURE THAT OUTLOOK appears in the list, this will take the email account, email, contacts and calendar. You can also use this wizzard to take a copy of your My documents and desktop folders as well if you wish. (the wizzard will ask you where you want to save it - the file may be quite large and will need to be either saved accross the network or to a CD or removable storage device (Floppy disks will be too small)

When your done go to the Win XP comp and click Start> Accessories> Systel tools> Files and Setting Transfer Wizzard> this time tell the wizzard that this is the new computer, you will be asked for the location of the transfer file (the one you saved from your win9x machine) the wizzard will set everything back up for you.

The only thing it is unable to do, is remember passwords for email accounts, you will need to enter them the next time you check for new email.

Sorry if that is a bit all over the place, to me it makes sense, but thats just me.

here is a microsoft link that tells you how to use the files and setting transfer wizzard in more depth:


Hope this helps

SE (Dave)

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