Hi :)

Well, I have an idea for a text based game that runs in the browser, but I have no idea how to code it. I am looking for someone who is good at coding and would like to help me out a bit! :) The game would be online, so you could battle and trade with others.

I know there is not much information here, but I don't want people stealing my idea. So if you contact me I will tell you more!

I think it would be an easy project but I can't be sure because I can't code.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about my idea just private message me.


P.S. I would like to get at least a couple of responses, because I think the game could become quite good. :)

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I will pay if I have to.

no need for anyone to steal your idea, there are only a few hundred such games online already.

Well tbh, this game is based on one that was on the iPod/iPhone.
That game, called LootWars, was deleted about January this year.
So I want to create another game like it but I can't code at all. :(

It could be simple php and javascript. Just jump over to w3schools.com to learn these languages. (Php for the login system, and remembering the player's stats ans such.)

;):*:) awesome smileys

Well I tried learning this cause I wanted to make my own game like this (didn't stick with me) but you'll need to learn a couple of things.

Php to handle players stats and other stuff in a mysql database.
javascript for programming the actual game.

You might want to learn HTML too just because it'll help build the site your game live in.

kk thanks guys :)

You shouldn't start on a browser based game as your first project. First learn to deal with big projects, because when the file sizes start to grow, you'll find yourself lost in the code and stop with the project.

It happend with me.. I wrote my code, it worked, but wasn't structured well... and could've used better documentation.
At first it wasn't a problem, but after my files got sizes of 50kb, it started getting frustrating to add new stuff to the game.
And also, you should design your database well.
If you don't you'll suffer alot.

hello bfrings

A game is a good/fun way to jump into coding and PHP is a easy enough programming language to learn. you should google around the web and walk through how to build a login system once you have a handle on that you can expand into building the other items needed.

I am not sure on the rules with posting urls to other sites but if u google around their are a few tutorial websites on how to code a php text based rpg

I've been wanting to write one of these for a while now -- just need someone willing to pay for the domain and hosting; preferably with a good idea of what they want to make, since I'm not one for plot ideas.

Ok thanks people , I have been looking at tutorials on the web but I'm finding it all quite hard! :(

Could Just Google Browser-Based Game Scripts And See What You Come Up With....I'm Not Much Of A Coder,But I Do Have A Browser-Based Mafia Styled RPG Game Running Now....Most Of My Coding Skills Are Trial And Error....But I Eventually Make It Work....Wanna Check It Out....Have A Look At My Profile....Link Should Be There For It

It can be a big leap at first. I'm primarily a designer, so jumping into PHP was hard for me as well. I did a Web Design Diploma that covered it pretty well, but it's nothing that you can't teach yourself with some determination, :). I suggest purchasing some textbooks, learning the code through the examples provided and then applying them to small, practical applications. Or you could do a course, it depends on what environment you'd be more stimulated to learn in.

A PHP-based order form is a good way to learn some essentials for what you want to create, and almost all PHP textbooks I've seen have an SQL section. SQL is another coding language used for navigating and altering databases, which is where you'll store the player's email, encrypted password, character name, inventory items and such.

I recommend obtaining 'Visual Quickpro Guide: PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites', as it's full of examples, explanations for the code and activities to test your knowledge with, and also covers some SQL.

I can also give you some basic lessons to point you in the right direction, if you wish.

Thank you for the offer Veneficae, but I'm afraid I have to put all projects to a stop currently( problems in life ) so this thread will go to solved for now.

Thanks :)

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