I and my friend are developing a game and it contains over 3000 games, its not hosted yet, but I wanted to make a plan for promotion and marketing. We are on a low budget and can't afford paid advertising, so please do tell me if you know any free promotional method.

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I really suggest you to optimize all your social media marketing and that you have to be very vigilant and active. I also recommend you to visit this site to learn other tips you can adopt.

Make sure you optimize your site on a regular basis.

Go to forums and post your links. Backlinks are the direct way to get listed by SE. just do promotion in old fashioned way.

for promoting your website, you should start with directory submission, article submission, press release submissions and Social media optimization etc.

Basically, the most SEO methods you can handle by yourself without any help from outside, believe me or not!
As it was mentioned before, start with your on-page SEO which means cool content, clean, welldone and eye-catching design. Dont forget also about keyword analisys, your content should contain as many keywords as posible, but dont clutter. After this you may start your off-page SEO: article writing and submisions, socialbookmarking (!!!!), forum and blog posting, commenting. You may try link exchange with related websites - it should work for you as well.

Best of luck, guys!
Kind regards

you can get use of Games forums, article submisison, facebook page, twitter. They will provide you more exposure.

I think for promoting any games site SMO is very necessary to do in a planned way along with SEO. Suggesting proper keywords, content all are ok but specially you need to give your site attractive and eye catchy look! So design should be very good also. You also need to get quality links....can do some link exchanges with other related sites. Using forums, facebook, twitter, video and image sharing sites could help you a lot.

Create facebook fanpage for your game and invite people to join... offer free trial with rewards..

for me starting promoting a game site you must know how much money needed, in order to know the budget. and start it in a simple way just publish any of the site like friendster, facebook & ect make an account telling about your gaming site so that all of the people or gamers well know the good and nice purpose of your gaming site..

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