Hi I'm new with Python (I'm a genetics major who took a computing course as an elective) and I have an assignment that requires me to write a simple text based game. Its an exercise an working with lists, if, elif, and while statements. It also has to be able to "check" itself, for example if I type in a incorrect word it tells me so and if it asks for a numerical value it ignores nonnumerical input. I am not going to include to the data file attached in the assignment (it contains global variables and plot development) because I'm not asking for someone to do this for me, although I do want help with the topics mentioned above. I'm really confused and at a lost of what to do.

Thanks so much for any responses!

Also im running python version 3.1.3

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What specifically do you need help with? Do you have anything started so we could go from there?

Hi for the assignment I have to create a game where i navigate a character around their backyard trying to get them to talk to a parrot which gives a combination to the front door. I also have to include a combination lock that will only read numerical user input. The lock is what I'm struggling with I have no clue how to get it to ignore all other input

Example the combination is 53 45 26
I should be able to type in 53dgfhdklfh45=?><>??<45fjghdj26 and still get the code accepted
I have no clue how to do this


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