hi guys, i have a problem and after lookin around the internet at diffenrent
computerforums i found you guys were the most helpful to eachother.
ok heres the problem i hope you can help me with.
- i got age of empires 3 yesterday for my son and i have cheacked and my computer
exceeds the requirements for the game so there shouldnt be any problems
but there is... for some reason the graphics wont work as are ment to and
if i try ajusting the graphics then the game crashes and says "error running this program
send error report bla bla bla"
i no its not the game because i tried it on a older computer of mine that doesnt meet
the requirements and the game works fine just the graphics are crap and its slow.
ive tried everything stoping things runnin in the background uninstallin installing.
so ive give up and decided to ask for some professional help.
hope you guys can help.

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Hi there chaky1,

I would suggest downloading the latest drivers for your graphics card, but it might pay to post your question in one of the IT forums. This forum is specifically for game development and we don't necessarily know much about what might be happening with a particular game or graphics card.

Good luck,

You might also want to check for any updates for the game.