hey am still in high skool about to go in 5th year
am looking for a ways to get in to games development
i live in Glasgow
any courses or recommendations?
thank for having a look

Do you have any programming skills? If no: you should learn some. I personally recommend C++, but other people disagree and say Java or even VB is the way to go.

If you do know how to program, you could start by reading this thread. It has a lot of resources in it.

Because I'm not from England, I can't recommend any cources or education. But here in the Netherlands, we have courses that specialize in Game-Dev.

One word of advice: Don't expect to be programming Halo4 within the next few years. Game-dev is very very hard, even for good programmers. Your math should be very good to

commented: The '[..] Halo4 [...]' part was definitely needed. ;-P +23

'niek_e' is very correct along with your programming skills "Your math should be very good". I am not very sure but I think University of Dundee is offering some course in game dev . Any way talk with local game developers and find out what you should do .
If you work hard nothing can stope you ....
Good Luck..

people disagree and say Java or even VB is the way to go.

Isn't Java pretty much EXACTLY like C++, except without pointers (and some other, less significant differences). That is, from a programmer's perspective. I suppose the JVM and bytecode are also differences. If so, why wouldn't you want pointers? I find it hard to imagine programming a game without pointer-based structures like Linked lists.