Android Shmandroid. Who Cares?

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Google's Android operating system for cell phones, GPS devices and a host of other gadgets yet to be is the topic of much controversy and discussion. Why? Windows CE, Embedded Linux, Android...who cares?
When you shop for a phone, or any modern gadget, do you ask which operating system it's running? I don't for two reasons. First, the people working at the store look at me, and each other, like I've just stepped off a ship from Mars. Second, I don't care.
I know that sounds odd since I am the Linux and open source staff writer here on DaniWeb and a technical writer who writes on a variety of Linux and open source topics in various places. But, seriously, do I really care which operating system my cell phone runs?

No, I have to admit; I really don't.

I don't have the time these days to hack a phone or other gadget and further--I really have no desire to do so. I don't feel good about taking apart a device that costs $200 to $500+ just to tweak or break it--if successful, I could recoup my costs by selling an article about it but it would be a total loss if something goes wrong.

I couldn't care less which operating system lies beneath the LCD screen on my electronic stuff. I don't care which operating system will power my toaster, refrigerator, stove, microwave or alarm clock.

Perhaps I'm just not geeky enough.

I care about the operating system with which I work for hours on end. I need something stable, reliable and pain-free. I'm not interested in even knowing which operating system is burning my toast or dropping my conference calls.

I guess I'm glad that some people have the time to worry on such things but I'm not one of them. It does amuse me however, when people ask me about some gadget that runs Linux--expecting me to launch into some litany covering the subject from my perspective.

They seem shocked when I say, "Hmph, I didn't know it runs Linux...but that's cool." I get cold geekness thereafter. There's no colder cold than that.

Alas, I sit and ponder my next post while watching all the thumbs hard at work on texting, tweeting, and facebooking, wondering where my clipboard and pen have escaped to and thinking, "I wonder if the sun's out?"

Write back and tell me which operating system your cell phone or other gadget runs. Do you care?

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Seriously... what's wrong with you? It's bad enough that you are admitting that you have no awareness or feelings regarding the obvious relationship between technology and society but now you're advocating that others join your apathy bandwagon? I'm thrilled that you are so content in the small and controlled sillo that Microsoft, Apple, and others rent you but some of us choose to explore greater avenues of freedom. The fact that you actually get paid to come up with this loose fluff in the name of journalism is a disgrace. You should be fired and replaced with someone who respects the power of influence they have as a writer. I know you think your approach to this topic was insightful and intelligent but trust me, you come off looking foolish and afraid to challenge the status quo you and others like you help to maintain.

In short, you need to wake up.

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C'mon - it is an opinion piece, and Ken is as entitled to his opinion as you are to yours. If anyone looks foolish, then I am afraid it is you by rolling out the standard 'Microsoft/Apple are evil' conspiracy theory line.

In short, Ken is not going to be fired - he is a talented journalist and a valued member of the DaniWeb editorial team.

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I think you took it wrong. I feel very strongly toward open source and Linux--I live my life by it but I'm not particularly concerned with gadgetry. I'm not asking anyone to be apathetic--my post is basically in response to the array of recent posts all over the place about Android, cell phone OS stuff, etc. I'm just not that into it. I am awake though...barely. ;-)


Thanks. I appreciate it.

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I actually agree with Mr. Hess (and I don't usually). I don't care what O.S. my cell phone runs either.

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First off, I don't see the talent. What I do see is a cheap and pathetic attempt to feed off the apathy that exists when it comes to computing in general. For anyone to make an argument against freedom just because we're talking about a phone is ridiculous. Phones are computers in today's word. We're not talking about something that simply allows us to speak to people. We're talking about devices that have storage space, memory, operating systems, applications, protocols and everything else that a computer has. OK so this writer doesn't get that, doesn't get that EVERYTHING other than Android is all about vendor lockin and creating silos and then to make things worse, a few of his fans are cheering him on. Pathetic. Oh and Ken, it's not Open Source.......... it's Free Software. Please show enough awareness to address the movement properly. Or perhaps you didn't know that the Open Source label was created in order to trick CEOs into putting dollars into the Free Software movement? Maybe you didn't know that there would be none of this Open Source thing you speak of without RMS and his creation of the GPL? Oh but I get it, we like to use "Open Source" because it's the hip term to use and it doesn't require us to take a moral stance on anything. Oh and it's cool to gripe about having to think about phones as being on equal grounds with traditional computers. Oh we can't have all this thinking. Let's just bash the low hanging fruit, make ourselves out to be clever and take another test drive of that Windows 7 that's right around the corner. We'll bash that too but not because it's restrictive and designed to promote DRM/TCPA.... we'll just bash it cuz that's what us hip techno bloggers do.


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Let me give you a bit of information regarding open source and free software. They are not synonymous. Free software can be open or closed source. Microsoft Virtual PC is free but it's not open source. Linux is free and open source. Hyperic's Enterprise monitoring software is open source but not free. Shareware might be open or closed source and is often paid for on a voluntary basis--making it neither free nor 100% commercial.
And I'm not sure that using open source software pours money into the free software movement but I'll let you have your opinion on that. Anyway, thanks for your comments--I did ask for them and I'm glad that my post is causing you to analyze open source and free software (not the same, remember).
If you really want to get riled-up, read my recent Linux Magazine post at
It's "GNOME vs. KDE: The Final Smackdown" and you'll love it. And by love, I mean hate.

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You are absolutely clueless. You have no idea what Free Software is and have obviously been introduced to your "open source" movement via PC Magazine and the rest of the nilly publications out there. Free Software != Freeware. It's disgusting to see someone writing about GNU/Linux (oh yes, there's another correction for you to try and grok) who has obviously never heard of Richard Stallman, The Free Software Foundation, The General Public License, and freeoms 0-3 (the freedoms that are provided and protected via the GPL). On top of your obvious lack of understanding, you're going to tell ME something about Free Software? Oh my ..... you're quite the little arrogant blogger, aren't you? Quite full of yourself with your Open Source kool-aid.

I'll continue to watch your blog simply to jump in where needed and offer corrections and facts. There's no reason your readers should be exposed to your lack of talent and outright rejection of truth.

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So daniweb practices censorship? Where are my comments?

happygeek 2,411 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

No, DaniWeb expects comments to be polite, even when you disagree with a posting. There is no need to resort to the kind of personal abuse you have been dishing out. As such those comments of yours deemed impolite and containing personal abuse have been removed. The others remain.

Davey Winder
Co-Admin, Blog Editor, DaniWeb

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