hey, i need some help because i would like to program an game. I know that it isnt simple etc... but i would like to use c++ as language and i am getting to know the language now a bit. Only i came by some things i dont really understand maybe anyone of you could help me. Well the problem is i keep coming by terms like openGL or DirectX and various file extension that ill have to choose between.. Does any1 here know what opengl an directx is and more the difference between eachother. And what would be most suitable for an 2d game?

thnx in advance:lol:

I know it doesn't seem like it to you, but your question is ridiculous. I get the impression that you don't know C++ very well, you're new to programming in general, and you want to do one of the harder things in the programming field?

Start with console mode programs and get good with C++. We're talking a couple of years good. Then look at some graphics libraries like OpenGL and DirectX. They're not simple, and you would much rather struggle with the library alone than the library and C++ at the same time. Even simple 2D games are non-trivial, so you need quite a bit of foundation knowledge before you're up to the task.

Ah well nvm think whatever you want, ill be gone now. Though i would like to know what makes you think that? specially: 'you're new to programming in general' lets not run ahead of yourself..... pretty new to c++ that i agree and stated it in my previous post didnt I. And new to prgramming in general i wont respond to that, if you call jave an programming language too. well just wanted to know what makes you conclude your statement, and still i dont got an answer to my ricicul question?

>And new to prgramming in general i wont respond to that, if you call
>jave an programming language too.
If you show up asking newbie questions, I'm going to assume you're a newbie. Is that so difficult to understand? Even a Java programmer with sufficient experience to write games knows what OpenGL and DirectX are. But that's irrelevant, because any programmer at all with sufficient experience to even try making a graphical game knows how to do research before asking a question like that. I've concluded that you're new enough to programming to be called a beginner. And as a beginner trying to make games far beyond your capacity, your question is ridiculous. And now that I've explained myself, why don't you run off to www.google.com and stop making a fool out of yourself.

>and still i dont got an answer to my ricicul question?
Yes, I know what OpenGL and DirectX are. Yes, I know what the differences are between them. And tetris is a generally accepted first game.

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