Hi all

i have a question which i need it's answer as soon as possible plz .
i am a student in software engineering faculty , me and my team are making a game using c# language.

so i need to know what graphic programms that i can use in this game
(tramsforming robots game) , ignoring the photoshop and 3d max programms.

thanx alot .

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well for texture creation i recommend and use Gimp, but you already using photo shop.

if you have 3DS max and PhotoShop you shouldn't need any other graphics programs.

if you need advice about C# then asking a question in that board.

i take it your using Visual C#? you can use openGL with c# or you can use DirectX if that is your question

yes this is my question & thanx alot about ur reply

Hallow shooshooo,

I learned that u and ur team is going to make games using C# language.Actually there are a lots of path basis on how many work load can u and ur team can hold.For C# there is an excellent solution which is XNA Game studio.Everything related this is free.U can also built games for X-Box 360 with it(if u want to!).But for modeling u have to use a 3d modeling soft and sth else for creating textures.In the XNA community u will get free games(related to robot).

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