hello i am wanting to make a text based mafia game but have no clue or where to start i have already got a story line and can do amiture html like creating a simple webpage if you can help me please please i realy want to make 1 contact me by pm or email <snipped email> :( :'(

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C++ for a text-based game?? I think that would be overkill. In today's day and age, the web is a perfect place to deploy a text-based game (and makes it really easy to do multiplayer!)

Why not start of with a language like PHP — which shares many syntax similarities with C, but alleviates you of having to worry about memory management. You could program your entire text-based game in PHP, and store all the data in MySQL. Then once you're comfortable with PHP and know what you're doing, you can go ahead and throw it in a Facebook or MySpace app and get even more users.

I've done all of this before, so hit me up if you have any more questions. :)


I think C++ is fine. I did text based stuff when I was younger in C & BASIC. Sort-of sucked because I never had any tutorials or references around, and had to program out of memory something I just learned.


mafia game... sounds interesting...

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