Okay, I am a new member and I have this program for this game. its an Exe. program and I run up to about 30-40 alts or employees who run around and gather coin from human and hunters and auto banks it for me. It save me alot of time, instead of individualy logging on and doing it myself one by one. It has options for my alts to rob other pires and pick up items in the city, Problem is I don't know jack about trying to modify it. I would of course purchase this program if I could, but I don't know where it orginated from. hence the reason I am trying to find someone to mod it for me. If anyone thinks that they can do it. I am at my last option here. Please Reply or just yim me.
Thanks Si. aka Sireen.

Can you break down the problem into something readable?


A picture is worth a thousand words, but the options I desire are unclickable. That should be a more readiable, or self explainitory. I have even looked into the options of hiring a programer to make me one, because if I could of found this program online I would have bought the non beta versian as this was given to me by a friend of mine.
Hope that helps.

Alright, So, I figure if all else fails learn to do this myself. Being a Noob, thats why I am posting this here, this is as far as I have gotten. I have Visual basic and was able to decompile it into mulitple files. Change what I needed to change via advice of many, and now I am working to compile back into an exe document.

Please note: this is after a long tedious search to find the maker of of this program. I did not find them, so I undertook this task.

If anywone has any sugesstions on how to recompile the documents back into an .exe file using Visual basic. 5,6 or 2008 I think the last one is right, please feel free to send the information.

R/S Si.

Do you want a bot which plays the Vampires game?

interesting game.

commented: Stop posting useless comments to promote your signature links -3

Ok let me help you out.

(1) That Bot isn't for Noobs.

(2) That bot will get you deleted for cheating and your 40 "Thralls"

(3) If your Thralls randomly ran around and bit and robbed people they would "Cross" And that would again get you and your Thralls deleted for cheating.

(4) You and Your friends are cheaters for using the Bot. The point of the game is Time Based and there for if you don't have the time you shouldn't play.

Please no one help this cheater. She's already had to change her In Game Name because no one liked her, don't help her continue to cheat.

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