Hi. I have for a while wanted to know how to make games. Please could someone say what is a good free programming language/software to use. i am not a begginer as i know quite a bit of vb.net, HTML, css and a small amount of other laguages like python, Java and some of the visual languges.

Also if you can name a tutorial as well i will be very grateful.

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Hello! Try Microsoft's XNA Game Studio. The latest version is 3.1. Its really easy to learn as long as you have some good background with C#. Visit the site and see for yourself creators.xna.com. They provide some Video tutorials for beginners and you can also download some of their starter kits and tutorials.

XNA Game Studio is mainly used in developing games for Windows and XBOX. The graphics are pretty much impressive and developing is quite easy once you get a good grip of the language (C#) and the basics of XNA.



Try Microsoft's XNA Game Studio to learn about making GAMES.

hope you will learn how to make a GAMES.

Good Luck !!


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