hi, can anyone help me with my assignment, I'm new in c++ and any help will be much appreciated: "You must design, implement and test a simple board game. The design should follow object oriented principles and use the UML tools that were introduced earlier in the module. The coding should be undertaken in C++.
Your game should be a simple board game based on a “Monopoly-style” board made up of 36 squares. The game is for two players who first enter their names and then take turns. On each turn, a die is thrown and the score dictates how many squares the player can move around the board. Each time a player moves past the Start square they collect a "token". Play continues until one player has
collected five tokens. The user interface can be a console application with all input and output made through a “command line” prompt.
What you should hand in For the design work you should submit the following: use case diagram(s), candidate and refined class names, classes, class diagram(s), either a collaboration diagram or a sequence diagram. For the programming work you should hand in your source code and an executable file. Source code should
be annotated appropriately and identifiers should be appropriately named. Evidence of basic black box and white box testing should be included also.
A basic solution to the programming part of the task would simply operate in a console window with text prompts (e.g. “Player 1 - Press R to roll the dice”) and outputs indicting what dice score had been rolled (e.g. “You rolled a Six – you are now on square 27”).
You can gain the top marks in this assessment adding additional functionality. At the design stage you can produce CRC cards for your classes, and both the sequence diagram and the collaboration diagram. At the programming stage you can add additional features to the game play such as ‘chance’ cards, ‘shake again’ squares, ‘land here and take all your opponents tokens’ etc. You might also want
to create a GUI interface. As well as the option of either two players you could also implement one player against the computer."

Well, I'm not sure what you need help with.
You'll need the rand() function to simulate the dice output. Find it on google, and notice you'll need the srand() aswell.

Then you could hardcode all the field, and make an algorithm that decides where the player lands, when he dices x.

So... unsure what more I can tell you, since I don't know what you want to know.