IK this question has been solved already, but here's my input for noobs:

I prefer Portable Python 2.7 with PyOpenGL and PyGLFW using GLSL (GL 4.0 preferred) for code simplicity.
(use GLSL and make the GPU do most of the work (especially for the draw-code) or otherwize you'll choke your performance with python's interpreter)

C is the best of all, but if you follow todays standards with GL 4.0, it almost doesn't matter what language you use.

the only last stress factor is how your game should work...
for example, a game like Minecraft requires your CPU RAM because gigabytes greatly matter over megabytes, and todays common GPU RAM is about 1GB and can't all be addressed at once, while common CPU RAM is about 4GB.

best interface here is CPU RAM which you'll want C++ (not .NET) for.
(not exactly sure why Notch chose Java here)

.NET though is good for GC (Garbage Collection (Python terms)) or MM (Memory Management)
but Mono is far superior to .NET as it's cross-platform

CPython also fits here to make things about as powerful as C#, but not as messy

ppl i want to ask are is posible to change language inside game or some others way when i play online game Dragon Soul ! game is shut down for EU but work for CHINA teritory :) pls can some1 help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am doing java can i do c++ after this

I want to learn the game programing language.Please suggest me the best language which i learn.

I'll say SURE. C++ is the best
I think u want to know more about which engine, which platform to create game rather than just a language

If you want to make top-notch professional games, c++ is the language to learn and learn well. Even if you end up needing to switch over to another language, it will most likely be more simple and an ease to learn.

I know a little bit of JavaScript, and even coded a crappy picture onto it. Though JavaScript is good for 2D games, I am sure that C++ is excellent for 3D. If you randomly decided to learn JavaScript rather than C++, than go to Khan Academy "Intro to JS" and their other programming classes.

I agree across the board. There is definitely no perfect language and is a matter of personal opinion. Hardcore programmers who favor one language over the other will recommend their language. The most common languages that I see recommended are C, C++, C#, Java, HTML5, and Python. Tools recommended are usually Unity, you can play demo unity here http://www.kizifan.com . I'm primarily a C++ programmer, but I know how complex the language is so if you are familiar with a language then get good at that language before going to another language.

Whatever language you choose, become familiar with it before you try to do anything complex.

commented: Great advice for both spoken and the written word. +15
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