Well, right now i'm following a tutorial on game making for c++, but is this really the best programming language for video games?

Also i'd like to know if can recommend me a book ( i've seen some book on amazon but i don't really know wich one to choose ), or tutorial about this, cause since i'm just 15, there's no teacher ( yet ) to talk with about this kind of things ( Consider that i'm a really noob sooo... )

Well thanks and thats all

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C++ is definitely one of the top languages. It doesn't really matter what language you use, as long as you are good at it, and you can use it to create cross-platform games, if you want to distribute them or go commercial. From reading around, it seems that C# is the most frequently used these days, though you can be different.
Sorry but I can't really recommend you a book!

For starters, gamedev.net is one of the best game development sites on the net. Lots of good tutorials and help there.

C++ is extremely widely used in game development for professional games for both PC and console. C# is also good, but its main benefit is the XNA framework which is Win/XBox only. There's also Java, Flash and Python which have some good game related frameworks. My personal favorite dev language is C++, because that's my first language and holds a special place in my heart. It's also damn powerful.

There is no such thing as best language for game dev. Each language has its own shortcomings and good points. You need to pick a language that you are familiar with and stick with it.

It also depends on the type of game you want to make. For instance, if you are interested in making an online game, then C++ would not be useful.

You could also look out for game making software like GameMaker, Construct, Unity, etc. that will help you make games with limited knowledge of programming.

It depends on many factors, but I can recommend you some pieces of software and some pieces of advanced software:
First, if you are inexperienced, which seems to be true, take a look at http://www.3dgamestudio.com/.
This game engine plus its useful tools will help you get your hands dirty while producing commercial quality games. It is somehow cheap and uses C-script which is somehow like C/C++.
Second, after getting some experience designing and developing games, I recommend you to switch to Python (as the programming/scripting language) and Crystal Space 3D (as the game engine/resource manager) and Blender 3D (as the world/model editor). You can also use Gimp as a good image editor/manipulator.

Good luck designing and developing games...!

For starters, gamedev.net is one of the best game development sites on the net. Lots of good tutorials and help there.

Second this. Gamedev.net has tons of information on every aspect of game development. A quick forum search turns up this.

Well thanks to everyone, the last post really helped me out, so i think, i'm going with c++, just as i was, maybe i'll try java, or phyton, but without leaving c++.\


Well thanks to everyone, the last post really helped me out, so i think, i'm going with c++, just as i was, maybe i'll try java, or phyton, but without leaving c++.\


hey I am also young and i asked this same question. I am 13 and i really want to create a game and go commercial I would want to know which language is for both PS3 AND PC or Xbox and PC. dont suggest me an easy programming language or :MAKE YOUR OWN GAME!: program that gives you everything in your mouth.I want to start from the roots, not with easy programs where you can do mediocre stuff. the type of game I want to create is something like a GTA (it doesnt mean i want to make a crappy copy of it) I mean the quality. I do this because I like computer stuff and am much like a cool nerd... I even know HTML, how to make a virus, and how to even make an antivirus and if you help me I can give you a copy of the game if you put your hotmail(not a spammer)

commented: HA i'm a twelve year old programmer! You HTML skill in game development is absolutely USELESS, if you want to get into game dev, like me you have to know key principles, for one, NO LANGUAGE IS BETTER THEN ANOTHER unless for a very specific cause. (this i +0
commented: I'm a 9 year old programmer!I know JavaScript,CSS3,HTML5,and a bit of Ruby. +0

Depends. If you want to make top-notch professional games, c++ is the language to learn and learn well. Even if you end up needing to switch over to another language, it will most likely be more simple and an ease to learn.

Ok, this may be bucking the so called system of telling people to use a syntaxically awful language like C++ to beginners, C++ is fast, but is also complicated. Most people, and I'm talkin newbees that start out tryin to learn C++ just give up. If you really want to program games, and I'm talkin ones that will actually get done, and with languages that can also be distributed as well as C++, get one of the following, (FreeBasic Free), (DarkBasic, Now Free to use but 70 bucks to buy) (Purebasic free demo, fast as hell, loaded with demos of its own code but does cost 100 bucks to buy and does more than games, its what I use, can ya tell? ), (AGK from the makers of DarkBasic, free demo, 59 bucks to own, does PC, Mac, IPhone and Droid games, I use this as well), (SDL basic, free also). Oh and if anyone tells you basic is not a good language to make games in, they have no idea what they are talkin about, dont listen to them. Basic used to be slow, in the 80's, since the 90s and beyond, it rocks, and is so fast, you cant tell the difference in most games, Most Basic's these days compiles down to machine code, Soooooo , unless youre gonna write the next world of warcraft? and spend three years or more doin it?, then ok, use C++.

C++ is the best programming language for develop apps,video games,drivers and everything. But people use lot of languages because c++ is not a friendly language, also it is hard to use. But if learn c++, can do anything that want
to do in computer.Thank you for reading my answer. I'm Tuto, have a nice life!!!.

I just graduated with a b.s on industrial engineering so i kinda know some basic C++ programmin however I find c++ kinda hard to understand so im looking for an easier alternative. What language/s do u guys recommend to learn how to create basic video games, web dev and some other coding. thx

It depends on the type of games you want to develop. C++ is extremely widely used in game development for professional games, and you can get many online stuff for this.

For learning I think Unity with C#, but for advanced games c++.

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Even i would prefer learning C# along with unity....

take java and c++ if you know C++ C# will not be problem if you want use in future the 3 are usefull in every platform java and c++ are the best language for game development it used in the bigest studio as ubisoft and more . i'm young too and i'm an autodidact.

I would've thought Java since just about every OS out there can get Java.

Go for it. It is the API's that are really going to help you, make you game. Youtube video tutorial are good for starters.

hi friends, i wanna know which programming language is good for making software someone can learn it. help me plz!

Hi abako4. Please start a new thread rather then hijacking someone elses.

If you just want to get straight into making software, then there are definatly a lot of possibilities. I would guess that C, Java, C++, Python and C# are some of the most popular (in that order-ish). However, if you want the best lanaguage to learn programming, I would suggest starting with Racket or (less enthusiastically) Python. I wouldn't suggest you "just learn the language" however. You'll need to know more then a language to write good programs.I would suggest you follow a University textbook, like this.

Take java and C++

This question has been asked time an time again. If you really feel you need to ask it, at least start a new thread and give some background information.

C++ is probably the best and I use it extensively along with many other languages, but as you are just starting out you need to ask yourself where you want your career to go. Do you for example want to develop games for console / PC / Mobile / Web etc? Would you prefer to use the likes of Unity or Unreal Engine? Or maybe something like Corona? There are a vast array of options these days when it comes to game development, you should carefully consider them all before you begin.

It would be better to ask what is the best game engine to use.
Because using just a programming language won't sole your problems, you will need to do everything from scratch.

SO I will reply to my question:
Unity3D is the best engine I have seen so far. You can use C# and javascript in it, and it has all the needed components to help you create your game quickly.
Hope this helps

Same as me but I wanna learn the best there is... oh and here is some javascipt coding confirm("Mathletics Sucks") do that on mathletics and it'll say it sucks (to get that up press F12 the button and colnsole on developer tools) :)

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Java is pretty good, as it offers support for multithreading and sockets. Also the fact that it runs on a virtual machine means that your game would be more distributable.

Hi abak04,
Their is no single language which helps you to perform in all the fields and help you in building the software but i can tell you if you have an idea about this languages like Java,
C Language,
SQL. you can bulid softwares

C for iOS and C# for Windows phone.

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