Ok, I'm starting a Game Developing Company <<snip>> And we are making an MMORPG Engine for our online game, Gods Online.

I need any help at all, I have Notepad ++ as a Compiler.

I have seen it been done before in VB6 <<snip>>

Basically, a server - Client Port Forwarding System with Server Control Panel.

Thanks, GiG

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Creating a MMORPG with just C++, when you new to C++ is impossable,,,
i have been studing C++ now for 1 year, created simple games, im am currently in the middle of creating a MMORLG (virtual world) My Game website this shows screenshots <<url removed>> of the current prototype we have,
And that was made using a MMORPG game engine,
It will be impossible for you to create a MMORPG with C++ when ur a newbie,
(if you do ever succssed PM me i want to know ur secreat,)

But if you want i can share all my secreats with your help, im hiring C++ devs, artist's, 3d animators and world designers, if your interested contact me via <<snip>>

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