Okay so I'm a total beginner and I can't figure out this thing.

These are the simple instructions:

Add a plane (Space>>Add>>Mesh>>Plane) - (This will only work while the Mouse Cursor is positioned over the 3D View window).

I'm using Blender version 2.55 on my macbook pro. I hover over EVERY place possible, I press the spacebar and NOTHING but an option to search comes up ! It's frustrating as all hell and driving me insane!

By 3D View window, do they mean the main area I'm working in, because I've tried all around there.

I just want to make a freakin face. Can anyone please help by telling me exactly where to click and what button to use!?

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That's because you are using blender 2.55
The instructions you were given are for 2.49b and earlier.
If I were you, I would use 2.49b
2.55 confuses the heck out of me :/


Thanks! I've been dying to have someone reply to me! :D
I happen to have downloaded 2.49 at the same time; so I will do as you say. Should I uninstall 2.55 first? Damn, the new version must have some pretty cool/ more advanced things — if you ever get a hang of it, let me know :]


Nah. I'd keep 2.55. I had another go last night and it's gradually becoming clearer. I'm currently modeling for someone's game so I'm staying with 2.49b because I can work so much quicker. If your just starting out, I'm not sure which you should go with. I would say 2.55 because it's up to date, but I'd say 2.49b, 'cos it's simpler and there are not that many 2.55 tutorials at the moment. Your choice :)

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