Right i'm currently writing up an outline for a web based RPG (yes i know it has been done over and over). And i was wondering what people would suggest that a good starting point (code wise) would be and what they feel/know to be the hardest parts of RPG coding.

My plan is to use a PHP/MySQL backend with AJAX for moving sprites etc

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plan plan plan

dont just start coding

plan out your database first (data dictionary and entity-relationship diagram!) and then do your system flow charts and data flow diagrams.

it will make it a lot easier in the long run. ( take it from someone who knows)


Yea i realised that. I have some very basic plans, very basic plans, but plans none the less. I have basic ideas for algorithms, for the different attacks, chance of enemy using certain attacks etc.
Is there any online resources for helping on this?


Update: Most of the planning is done, i was wondering is there any online resources for town images like in the early Final Fantasy games, like where you are at an angle looking down? If not then it looks like i will have to add that in too


I'm not sure of any sort of "libraries" of images like that, but if you're looking at having to make them yourself, perhaps Google Sketchup might help you to rapidly create the images. I dunno... I've never used it myself ... just a thought.


Reiner's tilesets There's some isometric buildings. Check out his other stuff too. Has a tutorial on making isometric images also.

EDIT: Just realized i brought up this dead cat without thinking. Sorry.

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