People. As i have my course of Object Oriented Programming, thus my Final project is to make a game in c++ using allegro. Please provide me basic knowledge because i have no idea of using allegro and game development. i would also be needing some good and easy game ideas which could be implemented my myself in my project.
thanking you !

i'm new to game development ,but have lots of gaming experience and i'm studing on entertainment and fun aspects of game...but i am not experienced in programing,in fact i need to learn it...
so if need any concept about a new game or gdd,i'll be happy to talk about if helps you:)...

You can try google. There are a lot of sources about allegro, c++, game development... If you are stuck then you should ask here. go here and read the forums

Well, I'm not quite acquainted with Allegro at all, but just seeing that you're asking for game ideas, I should probably say: don't.

It's a final's project for school, you do not want to get carried away, as that's what usually happens when you go idea scouting, you find a good idea that you like and is out of your ability to make, and you get stuck in the making.

While that is well and all for your free time, this is a project to be graded on, so I would strongly suggest that you do not look for any impressive concepts or anything and just do what it takes to get that A, since what people will see later is the grade and not the final project that almost made it to be done.

Best to go by is Tetris, Pong or anything else that simple, if you're feeling real motivated, a card game or a shoot-em up are also viable, but dangerous, just whatever you do, stick to what you learned in class where you have your teacher and fellow students to rely on and not just the internet.

All the best.

Making a game like Tetris or any game that requires collision is a little more challenging than a basic game. If it's your first game I suggest something easier.

You can always go with Tic Tac Toe... here is what I suggest.

First complete Tic Tac Toe in ASCII. This will give you a great understanding of the flow and what needs to be done-- plus if you are fairly fluent you can probably do this in 30 minutes to an hour.

Then look at your ASCII TTT game and redesign your original ASCII version. You will most likely see a few better ways to go about your design the second time around. Take your new designs and implement TTT using graphics instead of ASCII. This will take some time for you but you will get to learn a lot about graphics, fonts, event driven programming etc.

At this point you have a full graphical Tic Tac Toe. Tweaked it up-- enhanced an AI, tweak 2 player mode. Hunt down bugs. Add credits and a title screen etc. You should have a pretty solid game and plenty of time remaining. A pretty solid project--

At this point if you are daring you could try to create a server which acts as a match making service between two clients. This is quite daring but would really be something to show off.

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