Hi All!

Been working on the following XNA game engine for the past 3 years…

See website for pics and videos;



Contains the following features;


* Per-pixel dynamic lighting
* Normal occlusion mapping
* Reflection handling
* Powerful explosions, fire, and smoke particle systems
* Glow post processing effect
* Bloom post processing effect
* Guassian Blur post processing effect
* Powerful Shadow-Engine

World Editing Tools

* Terrain “Height-Tool”
* Terrain “Paint-Tool”
* Terrain “Item-Tool”
* Terrain “Property Tool”

AI Behaviors

* Aligned
* Arrive
* Cohesion
* Flee
* Follow Path
* Obstacle Avoidance
* Offset Pursuit
* Seek
* Turn-To-Face
* Orientation
* Wander

Available RTS Components

* 3-Thread A* Pathfinding engine
* Minimap component
* Statusbar component
* Fog-Of-War component

wow congrats it shows a lot of hard work has gone into making this.

I would like to know how easy it is to use and import new models and how well the code is written so like a limited 30 day trial of the engine before i would pay that kind of money im afraid.

but over all very nice but i can see its aimed at start up companies not indivudal hobby developers.

whats the min spec to run you engine on?

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