Hello Daniweb Community..

I'm currently pursuing Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, and currently brainstorming some ideas for my Graduation Project. My interests include Compiler Theory and Game programming. I've been using XNA for years and some OpenGL.

I've came up with an idea that I'm hammering right now for flaws and things I may not have considered. and some friend suggested that I should post into forums concerning with games. and Here I'm :D

My idea is creating a new language for games, making game development easier. It will be object oriented and supporting many high-level gaming features like:

auto-implementing state machines
an enhanced pipeline for loading resources (sounds, models, textures, ....)
defining auto templates for screens, memory management, and other things.

Another thing is that I'm facinated with the drag and drop code snippets from x-code and unity IDE. I'm hoping that I can make my language as easy to write as that !

The idea that it will not be compiled into machine code but to existing class library i will make in c++ and open-GL. then use a c++ compiler to produce a ready game.
This will enable future enhancements to include another compiler to objective-c and java for mobiles, and maybe to java-script or action-script for web.
The same code for all platforms :D

I'm currently open to all new ideas. Can i hear your thoughts about other features or things to research in? Thanks.

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Hello oamsath. Congratulations on your approaching graduation, and I really like your idea for a game programming language. If you can make it work, it would certainly be a welcome addition to the existing options out there. By your description (and I'll admit, my programming skills are limited to more scripting languages), your project is similar in ways to a language called DarkBASIC, more specifically, the DarkGDK. DarkBASIC was designed to provide beginner game programmers with high-level access to some of DirectX's extremely powerful lower-level functions. By the same token, it also provides indie developers a way to shorten development time by greatly simplifying some of DirectX's complexity. This allows beginners and experts alike to get right to the heart of their game logic quickly. The original language was DarkBASIC which (obviously) is a form of BASIC to make things easier for new programmers. The DarkGDK utilizes the DarkBASIC codebase, but allows users to code in C++ rather than BASIC. They also make loading media extremely easy. You might try downloading the free copy of DarkBASIC Professional to see how they have done things. You mentioned your project would be using OpenGL, which I feel would be a perfect extension of the DarkBASIC concept to bring these kinds of indie development platforms to a wider OS base. For example, Linux users could really benefit from something like this.

Best of luck to you on your project. I'll look forward to hearing about it.

i will try to know more about DarkGDK . Thanks for your reply

Great idea
wish u all the best

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