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All depends on a programming language.
If you use C++ or C# then install Visual Studio (it is desirable 2008, but 2005 also good) and SDK or lib, which you like to use.
For example VS 2008 and DirectX SDK.


I've learnt C++ through tutorials on Youtube of console. I've just finished the second tutorial of SDL, I've been learning programming since June this year!

I use Eclipse, with SDL libraries!

I would recommend using console tutorials first then move on to SDL like I have, I am by far no expert, but I can still remember being amazed after making my first Hello World! console program! And yesterday made Hello World! SDL program!


Blender 3D is pretty amazing.

I believe its coded in python, but there is barely any scripting. Its all pretty much built into the game engine, including creating 3d models, animations of 3D models, Interaction of 3D models etc.

The only thing really speaking that requires coding is keyboard input, HP ect.

Blender also does 3D animations, 3D games and 2D games.

and its free! =D

Just Google it "Blender3D"

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