i was trying to learn unity and i wanna write c# scripts but when i write unity functions its color turns to cyan and when i move mouse on this cyan words it writes in tooltip for example (class UnityEngine.transform) the vs2008 recognize but cant use :D

i used vb but vb and c# is bit diffrent so i dont know c# really well

is there any way to use this funcs in vs2008?

ok ok no body answers but i find how to use unity lib. on visual studio. mybe some 1 have same problem.

1-) search unityengine.dll and find
2-) open VS.
3-) click Projects->Add Reference
4-) and select browse tab find unityengine.dll
5-) click ok
6-) Now NO Need Monodevelop! :D and u can use C# with your familiar settings ^^

i write it mybe some 1 have same problem

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