Hi! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!
Anyways... I really want to design a game.. I know how to write in html so I'm hoping I can do games also.. Either in flash or not flash... I want to make a puzzle or word game... I'm not that into fighting or war games.. I just don't know where to start? Any advice would be super! I'd really love to make a learning game for kids... Thanks!

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Html is not a real programming language, so the experience you have with isn't worth very much when you start programming.
Are you trying to make an online game? If so you should use flash or Java. But be adviced that when you start programming, it will take a long long road to get to gamedevelopment.

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Well if you are only focused on creating puzzles or word games, that road isn't so long. If you were going to create something that has a bunch of movement, graphics and sounds, that would be different.

Since you mentioned that you knew HTML, then Javascript would a good place to start. Javascript requires that you know some HTML before getting started. I am assuming you want to get involved in web based applications.

Hope this helps

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